Berufene Helden

Illustration & character design for animation | 2021

Illustration and character design for two explainer videos for Lernen durch Engagement Foundation. “Berufene Helden” create projects where young people get to search and develop their interests and strengths in the working world as well as try them out in practise. Animation and script by Ciencolores.

Crab gifs

Illustration, character design & animation | 2021

Various Giphy Sticker gifs for Instagram Stories and other social media handles.

Eternal Light

Personal Work | 2017

There’s a conspiracy theory circling aroung light bulbs having much longer capacity technologically than commercially is offered. Without lessened lifespan of light bulbs, the electricity companies would go bankrupt. Curiously, at a fire department in Livermore, California, there’s a light bulb that’s been burning continuously since 1901.


Personal Work | 2019

They told you
who you should become,
and you took it all in.

Now there’s a rebellion growing inside you,
that potential within.

Be true to yourself, stand tall.
To be free is what
you are made for,
you are Aquarius after all.


Personal Work | 2020

An illustration & animation inspired by the sunsets at a summer house in Finland.

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